Fort Wayne, INDIANA

For years the repair industry has flourished with over priced, and the same guys charging the same rediculous prices. Now a new face has shown up in town and that is Grace Computers and Electronics. We are changing the face of PC repair in FORT WAYNE!! The prices for little things such as tune ups and virus removals have been outrageous! Charging $100+ for years just to do simple tasks needed to stop. Now we have came in and we are here to do just that. We will keep our prices the same till the end. No matter what. We are here to change the industry in many ways to make sure residents can afford, and fix there devices that they love. 

We will be the HOME OF THE SAME DAY $40 Virus Removal!

We will make sure you get back your device the same day and not 3+ days later because being without your beloved device for 3+ days is not ok!